Skills Clinics

Want to be a better rider? The Harpeth Bike Club regularly hosts a series of training sessions throughout the riding season. Classes include:

  • Climbing and Descending – How to get up hills faster and then get down the other side safer, all the while being more comfortable. We will discuss bike position, breathing, pacing, and some mental tricks to make the bumpy parts of Tennessee more fun for you. This class is taught “on the road” near a long climb, so you get to practice your new skills.

  • Group Riding – If you’ve ever heard someone yell, “Hold your line!” but wasn’t sure what they meant, this is a good class for you. We discuss group riding fundamentals such as why you do it and how, then get into the details surrounding close riding … including what to do when you get too close. Much of this class is “on the road,” so we will then go out for a ride and practice these skills.

The schedules for Skills Clinics are determined mid-year and emailed to all members, as well as shared on the Club Calendar page of this site.