Club Email Lists

If you are an active member of the Harpeth Bike Club, you will receive email Announcements regarding club events. If not:

  1. Check your spam filter

  2. Go to Membership and make sure that we have your correct email address

  3. Check that you did not unsubscribe from our mailing list.

Announcements are for official bike club communications — ride and event information — sent to current paid members.

Additionally, we supports a few open Google mail lists, to which anyone can subscribe. They are not moderated or controlled in any way by the Harpeth Bike Club. These lists provide ways to organize outside of the official Announcements email list.

General / General List

For general discussion. Bicycling-related content only please. Anyone can be a member, and anyone can post.


If you’re interested in a full length bike (rather than a half bike) this is your list.


Is a 100 mile ride just getting you started? This is your list.

Off Topic

Is a list for anything else. This is for anything not related to cycling. Please be civil and don’t use foul language, don’t be rude nor mean spirited. You just may be riding with these folks very soon.