How To Send a Cancellation Email via the MailChimp Mobile App

If a Ride Leader needs to cancel a ride last minute and is not near a computer, MailChimp has a mobile app that is free, and makes it pretty easy to send one of our templated emails — like the Cancellation email — from anywhere.

To do this, download the MailChimp app from the app store for your iOS or Android device.

You’ll need the MailChimp log-in, as well:


Password: Harpeth1!

Instructions below.

  1. From the MailChimp logo screen, tap Log In.

  2. Enter the username and password above, and tap the Log In button.

  3. From the main screen (which says “Harpeth Bicycle Club” across the top, tap the Campaigns button along the bottom row of buttons.

  4. From the Campaigns screen, tap the Pencil icon in the top right.

  5. When asked “What do you want to create?”, tap “Create an Email.”

  6. A new screen will display, with the words “Featured Layouts” along the top. Tap that text — Featured Layouts — and when asked to Select a Template, tap Saved Templates.

  7. Swipe right through the templates until you see “Cancellation.” A green checkmark will appear. Tap Select.

  8. Tap the preview of the email content to open it in fullscreen.

  9. Tap again on the written content to select it (it will be highlighted in blue) and then tap Edit on the bottom menu.

  10. Tap anywhere in the content to add a cursor. The keyboard on your device will display. Use it to add content, tweak content, or delete content. When you’re finished, tap Done to hide the keyboard.

  11. When all edits are finished, tap Save and Close. You will be returned to the preview screen.

  12. Tap Done.

  13. Tap Save & Exit to return to the email settings page.

  14. Under Campaign Information, tap each setting to adjust it.

    1. Tap Campaign name and add a quick campaign name. Note that this is internal-only — just a way to refer back to emails later.

    2. Tap Recipients and select HBC 2019 Member List. Then, tap Send to Entire Audience and tap Save.

    3. Tap Email Subject to add an email subject. Note that recipients will see this. Call it something clear like “Tonight’s Ride is CANCELLED.”

    4. You can leave Preview Text blank.

    5. You can leave From name and From email address unchanged.

  15. Tap Confirm and Send in the top right.

  16. The monkey finger will appear. Touch and hold the Touch and hold to send button at the bottom to send the email.

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