Ultra Cycling Rules

 Please see the full set of official Rules for Riders governing Brevet Riders on the RUSA web site.

In addition to the rules above, the following rules apply to all HBC Brevet Series Events:


  • Riders must be present at least 45 minutes prior to the start to allow for bike inspections, filling out paperwork, etc. Check-in will close 15 minutes before the ride start.

  • Riders are highly encouraged to pre-register for any events they choose to ride. This allows the event officials adequate time to process all of the necessary registration materials before the date of the event.

  • Each entrant must complete an event registration form and sign the Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement (“Agreement”) form. Please take time to read and understand the Agreement form before registration begins. The HBC Brevet Registration Form can be downloaded from our web site.

  • To start our events, you must be an active member of Randonnuers USA for insurance purposes. If you have not joined or renewed your membership, please do so online before the day of the event. The RUSA Membership Application can be found on their web site. Otherwise, I will be forced to charge you a $10.00 fee the day of the ride for insurance coverage.

  • Membership in Harpeth Bicycle Club (HBC) is optional.


  • Each rider’s bicycle must be road worthy and in a good state of repair.

  • All riders must carry proper personal identification, any pertinent medical identification, and a personal emergency contact name and phone number at all times while cycling. We recommend the fine products from Road ID.

  • All riders must wear a properly fitted and fastened ANSI or Snell approved helmet at all times while cycling.

  • All riders should carry the appropriate tools and supplies to repair multiple flat tires and to make minor repairs.

  • All riders should access their own hydration requirements and bring the appropriate equipment for the event. There may be extended distances between resupply points.

  • All bicycles on the road after dark must be equipped with securely mounted front (white) and rear (red) lights visible from 500 feet in both directions. Lights must be fully functional at all times during the hours of darkness, or other low-light conditions. At least one of the rear lights must be in a steady (rather than flashing) mode.

  • All riders are not permitted to cycle at night, or in other low-light conditions, without working front and rear lights attached to their bicycles. Therefore, it is recommended that riders carry spare bulbs or backup lighting systems, and batteries in case the primary lighting systems fails.

  • All riders on the road after dark must wear a reflective vest, sash, safety triangle, Sam Browne belt, or some combination thereof on their upper body that clearly provides reflective properties facing in all four directions.

  • All riders on the road after dark must wear reflective ankle bands on each leg.

  • You must have all night riding gear (i.e. lights and reflective gear) on board prior to the start of a 300K or longer Brevet Series Event.

  • Riders will be immediately disqualified for riding on the roads after dark, or in other low-light conditions, without the required night riding gear specified above.

  • Bikes and Riders will be inspected for compliance prior to the start of each event.

During The Ride:

  • At all times and in all situations, SAFETY is the most important issue. All riders must follow the basic rules for safe cycling: ride to the right, single file, stop at all stop signs and signals, protect and warn one another about road hazards and traffic, do not overlap wheels, practice safe pace line and group riding etiquette, etc. Riders that engage in unsafe practices will immediately be disqualified from the event.

  • Unlike traditional club rides, NO OFFICIAL SUPPORT, of any kind, is provided by HBC for any of the Brevet Series Events. Riders are expected to be self-sufficient.

  • Unlike traditional club rides, ROUTES ARE NOT MARKED. Riders must be able to read and interpret the cue sheets and/or maps provided, and be able to navigate the route from one point to the next.

  • Unlike traditional club rides, FOOD AND BEVERAGES ARE NOT PROVIDED. Riders must purchase their own food and beverage supplies along the route, so bring a sufficient amount of money.

  • Riders must obey all local traffic laws. Riders that break laws will immediately be disqualified from the event.

  • Brevet riders are personally responsible for having their cards properly completed at the contrôles. You must arrive and sign in at all contrôles, while they are open; have your Brevet card initialed and/or stamped; and sign and leave your Brevet card with the event official at the last contrôle, (i.e. at the end of the Brevet). Don’t go home with your card!

  • Convenience stores are used for most of the contrôles (i.e. checkpoints). So, please purchase something from the store to justify the clerk’s time for signing your Brevet cards.

  • All events will be timed events, with time including all off-the-bike time. The clock does not stop for any reason until the course officially closes. Final results will be available within two weeks after the conclusion of the event.

  • Riders must stay on the official route. If riders get off the route, they must return to the route, at the point of departure from the route, prior to continuing their ride.

  • In case of an injury, call 911 first. While we are concerned with your safety and well-being, we are not qualified to assist you in such an emergency. Riders will bear all costs associated with an emergency evacuation.

  • Determination and resourcefulness are key attributes of a successful Randonneur. Riders that abandon the event must notify the event official, or a contrôle worker, that he/she is not finishing their ride and surrender their brevet card at that time. Riders who abandon are responsible for arranging their own transportation back to the starting location. These events are not sagged. If a rider requires assistance in returning to the start, he/she may have to wait for several hours before a ride can be arranged.


  • Personal Support Vehicles are not allowed to follow riders on the route. Personal Support Vehicles may meet riders only at designated contrôles (i.e. checkpoints).

  • Drop Bag Service will only be provided on 600K or longer Brevets.

Rule Enforcement:

  • The event official has the authority, at any time, to overrule any rule or to invent a new rule based on extenuating, unforeseen, and unusual circumstances and/or to maintain the integrity and fair play necessary for the successful completion and continuation of the event.

  • The event official has ultimate authority in regards to all rules, their interpretation, and their enforcement. There is no “appeals committee” or “appeals process”. All riders and their support crews willingly acknowledge this fact, as well as all other event rules by participating in this event, in any capacity.

  • Should there be a conflict of rules between the RUSA Rules for Riders and the HBC Brevet Series Rules above, the RUSA rules shall take precedence.