Saturday, June 8 - 8:00 A.M. - Hillsboro Elem. School in Leipers Fork, 5412 Pinewood Rd. - "The Licks" with Wayne! - This Saturday Wayne Evans will lead us on a tour of two of the best roads around - North and South Lick!  The new pavement on North Lick makes it a very different experience than in the old days.  There are options of 43, 50, and 56 miles.  The three routes run concurrently for 36 miles and have a rest stop at Wilson Fly's Store at mile 24.  The Medium and Long riders get to enjoy the smooth new pavement on Bear Creek and Bailey, and the Long route adds Carl Road as well.  Here are the cue sheets:

"The Licks" - Long route - GPS (56 miles)

Medium route - GPS (50 miles)

Short route - GPS (43 miles)

Sunday, June 9 - 8:00 A.M. - Pancake Ride - Hunters Bend Elementary School, 2121 Fieldstone Pkwy., Franklin - The Club’s most classic event is the regular Sunday Pancake Ride from Fieldstone Farms over to Leipers Fork.  Dan Fisher will lead this week's ride and make sure all riders have safely returned.  Riders take the rolling course to the end of Boyd Mill Pike and then make the climb up Parker Branch.  The direct route then descends to Leipers Fork for a rest stop and heads back for a total of 28 miles.  Many riders will add extra miles from Parker Branch or the rest stop, enjoying the scenic roads south and west of Leipers Fork; the full route for these long riders is usually about 50 miles.  And sometimes we mix it up and do something entirely different!

This is not called the Pancake Ride because it is flat or easy, but because you can enjoy some tasty treats at Leipers Fork!  While new riders are encouraged to participate, the route is moderately hilly and is inappropriate for rank beginners.

– Cue Sheet –

Pancake Ride - GPS version

Join us for some real summer riding!

Larry Lewis, HBC Ride Chair

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