Revamping the Harpeth River Ride

In recent years, the Harpeth Club, like most others, has experienced declining attendance and difficulties in hosting the big annual organized pay ride.  Everyone wants to ride the course and enjoy the rest stops and festivities, but few are enthusiastic about staffing them!  Your HBC Board is thinking and working hard to revamp our Harpeth River Ride and make it the outstanding event that it used to be and should be.  But to do this right, we need time and your input.

So, for 2019 the Harpeth Club will have a scaled down, no cost, century ride on Saturday, June 1, with shorter options available.  We will have one celebration center but will use the usual country stores for supplies.  Each route will be swept and everyone can ride for FREE!  The routes and specifics are being developed.

This will allow us to regroup and plan for the return of the traditional Harpeth River Ride in 2020.  As always, this will require volunteers to step forward for major positions such as Rest Stop Coordinator, Ride Route Coordinator, Hospitality/Food Coordinator, and SAG Vehicle Coordinator.  We can't do it without your support and enthusiasm!

So help us plan for 2020 and get ready for a fun, challenging, Club ride on June 1, 2019.

The HBC Board of Directors

HBC Webmonkey