HBC President’s Call for HRR Volunteers!

From our President, Graf Hilgenhurst:

To All HBC members:  Results of the survey are in, and there is strong support for continuing the Harpeth River Ride in 2019.  To make this happen, we will need volunteers at all levels.  In particular, we need a strong committee to oversee the following areas: ride routes, rest stops, SAG, food preparation and distribution, and the volunteer party after the ride.  Coordinators from previous years are available to help the new crew get started, but they have made it clear that they cannot continue in their previous capacity year after year.  We also need to solicit sponsorships.

We will need to have a strong team in place by the first of the year for the Harpeth River Ride to happen in 2019.  Please contact any of the HBC Board off-list or at a ride to volunteer, or to “suggest” a volunteer.  This club runs on volunteer power.  Let’s make it happen!

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