Proposed Amendments to HBC Bylaws

The Harpeth Bicycle Club is an official organization recognized by the Tennessee Secretary of State.  The Club has a Charter and Bylaws.  But they were written in the 90’s and are woefully out of date.  Since they originated in the era before communication by electronic means became so common, they contemplate a Club phone line, a newsletter sent to members by U.S. Mail, and monthly Club business meetings that are not rides!  Here’s a link to our present Charter and Bylaws:

Present HBC Charter & Bylaws

In order to bring our Bylaws into the modern era, the HBC Board is proposing amendments to them.  These amendments would allow for Club business to be conducted electronically and would bring the Club’s operations into conformity with what are supposed to be our governing documents.  The proposed amendments will be submitted for your approval at the Christmas Party on December 8, which serves as our annual meeting.  Here’s a link to the proposed amendments:

Proposed Amendments to HBC Bylaws

Please review these proposed changes so we can consider their ratification on December 8.


The HBC Board of Directors

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