How To Access Older Club Calendar Content

Accessing the Content Archive

The majority of club events — since early 2015 — are archived here for the purpose of reusing content for the future. Because many of the rides are annual re-runs, we often re-use old content to avoid rewriting!

Click this link to open the content archive:

Alternatively, the archive is embedded below (but honestly easiest to see in its own window).

Searching the Content Archive

To search this content by keyword, click Edit and then Find and Replace.

In the window that opens search by keyword, and use the Next and Previous buttons to skip through the document to find the content you’d like to re-use.

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 2.14.19 PM.png

Cutting and Pasting Content

Highlight the content you want to re-use. Click Edit and then click Copy to copy the content. You can now paste it into the calendar or a club announcement email as needed.

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